About Us

My name is Kristine Walker. I am the designer and owner of Kristine Walker Jewelry. I have been designing jewelry for over 11 years, and doing business for the past 8 years.

Currently, I live in Indonesia with my husband, Tom, who flies with Garuda Indonesia.
We love living here on the other side of the world. It was an adjustment and culture shock when we first moved, but we have learned to adjust and live in the moment.

Prior to moving here, my main medium was polymer clay with just a little bit of wire work. With the temperature and humidity, I did not feel it would be a good mix, so I was forced to work with a new medium. I found a lot of copper and brass wire at the local Ace Hardware and started to create. For more about my journey through different mediums, check out my interview with Terri at Inspiredlivelihood.com.

I have a general design background as I majored in Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati in their DAAP program. U.C. taught me so much about art, design, balance, colors, texture, and much more. Here I learned the foundation of design through some of my favorite architects and designers. Coming from a small town in Ohio, I could hardly believe all there was to discover all over the world! I was truly humbled.

Shortly after college, I partnered with another designer and we started S~K Design, L.L.C. on the outskirts of Chicago. Our business focused mainly on medical design and we worked closely with The Cleveland Clinic. Some of our jobs included the P.E.T. Center, Pain Management Center and Laser Sculpting. S~K Design, L.L.C. fortified the skills needed to run a business as well as time management for design and drawing.

Now, so many years later (I’m not going to tell you how many :-), I reflect on everything I’ve learned. Thankful that my creative side never diminished, I now get to use these skills daily. Of course, every design I create comes from inspiration. Inspiration from fabrics, designer magazines, vacations, the woods, farms, rivers, cities, you, my wonderful husband and of course my beautiful daughter.

Her name is Lailani, which just so happens to mean “Heavenly Flower” in Hawaiian. She makes me smile every day!

This is an older picture of her. I believe she was just 2 at the time. Now she is 5 and just as rotten. To learn more about her adventures since moving to Indonesia, check out blog here.

On another note, I often dream about colors and designs and wake to try to duplicate it’s madness. Sounds crazy, I know. But I love it. And it shows. And I love when a return customer tells me how many compliments she’s received, or how many people ask where she purchased. That’s my greatest achievement. Knowing the girl, young lady, or woman, that has purchased one of my handmade pieces, will soon discover how beautiful she will feel on the inside and on the outside. My Customers are my number one fans, and I always look to them, (I mean YOU) for constructive criticism and new ideas.

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