emilio cavallini two toned medium dot tights

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Emilio Cavallini Two Toned Medium Dot Tights

And the last of the Emilio Cavanllini range is the dot tights. Now this blog is more about the tights rather than the outfit as it’s so similar to theEmilio Cavallini Two Toned Heart Tightsthat I did not long back.

Colour: Black / White

Size: M/L

Denier: 80

Materials: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane

Price: £13.50

Website:Emilio Cavallini – Two Toned Medium Dot Tights

The Review

From The Website:A must-have for every woman who dares to stand out. Perfect tights to pair with dresses, skirts and minis for a young and fun look. Classic polka dots design with a trendy touch

Style: 5299.1.3

90% polyamide – nylon

10% elastane – spandex

Made in Italy

The Packaging:the front shows the model wearing the hosiery (no model name or anything). The back gives you a little info about the hosiery along with a little window so you can see the hosiery along with the denier as well! What Katie’s Reddit profile like about it is that it’s simple and straight to the point, which is perfect for those who aren’t into hosiery and just getting into it.

Getting Inside: these came neatly wrapped around cardboard (thank goodness!) and pretty easy to get into. As these have no labels or tags to state front or back, you can get them on either day. What I tend to do is look where the band is stitched together and I normally put that at the back.

On The Legs: so one thing I did notice is that these shade differently depending on the light. They aren’t a thick black denier as they appear, as the inside is a grey-ish colour, which means when stretched it doesn’t stay jet black as it looks.

Now I am a little annoyed as these are M/L and not S/M (the company made a boo boo here) so the fit won’t be as great as I would like but I gotta work with it.

do women fantasize about other men during sex within a relationship is pretty thick so it gives good leg coverage and even when stretched, there isn’t that slight sheerness to them, which can be a bonus point for some, and disappointing for others.

One thing I didn’t like was that the dots twisted nearer the top of the thighs rather than follow in the line like the bottom; not so great if you’re wearing anything short but then again not too sure if that has something to do with the sizing either!

The Toes: got to say not too happy as there is a lot of extra material lying around here. Even when stretched up the legs, it’s still lingering at the sides, so not really a fan. It would also be extra padding in shoes, which isn’t good in tight courts with pointy toes! Otherwise there is enough wiggle room in these, and the coverage is once again great. One thing I will add is that these are reinforced and you can slightly see the seam go across the toes, so no worries for those long toenails!

Let me just also add, due to the thick denier, these do crinkle at the ankles slightly when bent and it’s even more as the size isn’t correct!

The Band: okay I am not so impressed with this band, as I had to keep pulling it up during the day. I found that they slowly slipped during the day which resulted in my band slipping down and the crotch part not sitting flush against me.

By the way let me mention that there is no cotton gusset on these, so undies are needed (unless you’re still gonna roll without them on!)

The Design: this is the one thing I do love about these – that eye-catching statement dot design! I think it’s so great and so playful and it would work with almost anything you wear compared to the hearts that I did previously. Dots are one of those patterns that can work dressed up or down.

I mentioned the denier and the ‘opaqueness’ before, but don’t let that be an issue. I put on flash in some images to show you the contrast between normal lighting and when the flash hits!

Katie’s Pinterest page ?

I do like these tights but not impressed with the sizing error which meant that they didn’t fit well and resulted in a not-so-great review. If I were to try these in my size, then I know that they would have gotten a better piece written about them.

Flipside, I love the quality as I managed to catch these so many times on the ladder, but not one snag appeared on the legs so I am dead impressed here!

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3 thoughts on “Emilio Cavallini Two Toned Medium Dot Tights ”

Do love the look of the black with white polka dot tights don’t like the wrinkling. Thinking that should be other brands out there will have to search and see.

Very nice Soni

You can pull off anything..

Stopped back seen tights like these were the Adrain brand they also have heart one’s. Just to let you know plus they have other designs have yet to try them.

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